Professional Skills

For a detailed accounting of my previous positions, please consult my LinkedIn profile.

For the past 20+ years, I have worked for Benaroya Research Institute (BRI). For 12+ of those years, I’ve supported the marketing needs of my institute. Alongside that role, for 12 years I supported the Immune Tolerance Network (ITN), the largest program at BRI.


For all of my 12 years in marketing, I’ve developed strong team skills. I work hard to understand and respond to the needs of my colleagues.

I provide the assets that are needed before they’re due. If I’m not the producer, then I communicate with the appropriate contractor to organize and manage that work.

News Reporting

Over the years (and long before I was a part of Marketing & Communications) I’ve been relied upon to shepherd the production process for news reporting over a wide array of media formats.

Between Q1-2003 and Q4-2020, I was the production specialist for the quarterly, internally-facing BRI Discoveries newsletter. Over the run of that production, we would move from rich email communications to properly typeset print newsletters.

In 2013 I became the project manager of the externally-facing BRI newsletter, where I remain to this day. Starting in March 2020, we began production of a biweekly internal newsletter. I perform layout and media work for that publication to this day.

I continue to supply media to various key stakeholders for their internal communications. I also manage BRI’s internal video screen news reporting channel and provide additional internal communications for posting around the campus.

Media Librarian

For 12+ years I have managed the photographic and video assets of the institute, organizing them and providing needed adaptations. This includes our own campus produced materials and stock media resources. For all stock assets, I maintain thorough records of purchase and respect licensing terms.

For the final 7 of my 12 years at ITN I managed the Image Library, where relevant publications were stored. Their figures, tables and captions extracted and filed for easy access among writers/collaborators.

I’ve functioned as project manager for contracted photographer visits, organizing the final result and communicating out to relevant parties. Where necessary, I performed post-processing on incoming images.

Brand Manager

For more than 12 years I have functioned as Brand Manager for Benaroya Research Institute. And for 12 years I also did so for Immune Tolerance Network.

Within both roles, I was the principal brand expert, serving as the main resource for questions about the brand. In addition, I created many brand standards documents – both for these two brands – and also various sub-brands and clinical studies within ITN.

Additionally, I’ve been relied upon to make personal reviews of the highest level presentations (in terms of importance) correcting for basic readability and also ensuring it conforms to brand guidelines.

Project Management & Communications

Alluded to elsewhere, I have played an informal Project Management role throughout many projects over the years. While I’m not a member of a PMO, I have a strong tendency toward creating and implementing processes in order to ensure the highest quality output.

Toward this end, I exhibit very strong intrapersonal skills. I know how to be tactful, professional and efficient. My email communications reflect this. As do my many communications in a variety of other project management platforms, such as Jira and Basecamp.


For more than a decade I have been the among the principal administrators of the public websites for both Benaroya Research Institute (BRI) and the Immune Tolerance Network (ITN). During that time, I have been the primary media content creator for both sites and directly serving writers.

I’ve also have had a strong contributing presence on two full website redesigns for BRI and one for ITN. During those efforts, I provided key tools and documents ensure that all high-level concerns were addressed. Throughout the process, I’ve provided thorough communications and documentation.

In addition, I have been one of two principal managers of the backend web employee portal for ITN, making copy and media updates as needed.

This is just the start, though. Visit my Creative Specialties page to learn more about my keystone creative abilities.