Creative Specialties

For a detailed accounting of my previous positions, please consult my LinkedIn profile. Visit my Professional History to learn and my primary roles.

What follows are the types efforts that best describe the tactical applications of my skill.

Presentation Development

Multimedia Presentation Design

For all of my time at Benaroya Research Institute BRI (and longer) I have been the resident PowerPoint expert. This includes ensuring that slides conform to brand standards, but also includes different levels of revisions. For all of my time at BRI I have been a reliable resource for leadership

While I competently execute presentation slide cleanup, I excel at working with content experts in order to better craft their story and ensure maximum retention post-presentation. I always aim toward maximum clarity with minimal visual clutter.

During my 12 years at Immune Tolerance Network (ITN), I was similarly tasked with refining presentations, developing infographics and providing presentation slides for leadership.

Collateral Development

For all of my time in Marketing & Communications, I have been improving my ability to create clear, readable documents that prioritize calls-to-action. I’ve developed for a large number of formats and media types. I have maintained of our highest level outreach collateral, keeping data current and ensuring that they are modified (as our brand evolves).

In my 12 years at ITN, I was similarly tasked with maintaining our highest level official documents and generating new documents as needed. I also developed voluminous collateral for clinical study brands (more on that later).

2D Illustration

In my capacity for both BRI & ITN, I have been tasked with illustration tasks. Most often, it has been to regenerate elements of scientific figures. This also includes creating photographic composites and other forms of mixed media imagework.

I also create data-rich infographics and other typographically focused works. I am at home creating visuals that tightly align with whatever brand requirement happens to exist.

Video Processing

For much of my time in Marketing & Communications, I have been tasked with ad hoc video projects. While not the bulk of my work, I have kept these skills fresh and ensured a fair quality baseline. I’m comfortable with basic editing, color correction, audio cleanup and captioning.

Clinical Study Branding

For all of my time at ITN (and some of the time at BRI), I have been the principal creative force behind the collateral produced for our various clinical studies.

While at ITN, the Marketing & Communications department managed over 20 branded clinical studies. For a fair number of those studies, I served as the principal collateral creator, relying upon the skills of my colleagues for functions such as scientific and clinical evaluation.

I’m extremely comfortable working with scientists and clinicians and can adapt the peculiarities of their needs. I’m also accustomed to the demands of the IRB review process and know how to alter my workflow to accommodate that.

App & Process Education

For all of my time at BRI (and longer), I have been an avid learner. I quite enjoy learning how to use new tools that allow me to leverage either my time or my creative talents. Additionally, I find satisfaction in the creation of processes that solve workflow problems.

As a consequence, I’ve found myself in the position of needing to educate my colleagues in such subjects as: Editing website content through a content management system, graphic processing workflows, the use of materials in our various brand kits.

Furthermore, I have experience in 1-on-1 education and also classroom/workroom based setups. I know how to develop a curriculum and test that curriculum for clarity and flow. I can also provide excellent documentation that can assist retention.