Matt Warren, Media Specialist

I’m a Seattle based creative worker with marketing experience in the non-profit sector. I deliver eye-catching media that begs to be viewed and I can do it within fairly short timeframes. I offer years of experience creating tutorials and documentation and quite enjoy conducting hands-on application and process education.

Skill Base

I’m at home in the research and nonprofit space. I’ve developed a strong foundation of skills and know how to adapt to the needs of scientists and administrators.

Creative Producer

Over the last 20+ years, I have developed my skills and expanded my repertoire of abilities so that I can meet the varied demands that fall to relatively small teams. I take joy in the process and know how to communicate clearly and meet my deadlines.

Workplace Educator

I enjoy and excel at in-person and virtual instruction, with the ability to craft a curriculum and execute work sessions. I also provide associated documentation that is cleanly organized and useful over time.

My Portfolios